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VFI Statement Processing was established in 1996 as a solution for a group of Rural Medical Clinics to eliminate the use of pre-printed forms and impact printers.  Changes at the time with the implementation of postnet bar-codes at the US Post Office allowed for postal discounts tied to this service.  Customers were able to completely outsource the postal sorting, imaging, inserting and mailing of their statements while saving money significantly on labor and postage.

 The affordability of technology coupled with the explosion of the internet allowed VFI to reduce costs and greatly improve customer service.  Being able to e-mail files and eventually FTP larger files has allowed VFI to serve customers across the United States. 

VFI’s production facility is located in Louisville, Kentucky and is within a 500 mile radius of half the population of the United States. Being centrally located helps us to provide excellent and timely service for all customers.


We also have the capabilities to meet all of your print and marketing needs. Call or email for more information.

Our experienced staff are ready to work with you and provide solutions for your full serve statement processing.
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